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about us

Our Mission:

Cultivating opportunities. Crafting quality products. Celebrating abilities.

Our Story:

Gardens are where seeds are planted, with the desire a good harvest will be reaped in the end. In nature, all plants, flowers, and fruits are unique; however their commonality is that all seeds are planted in rich soil and cultivated to achieve the best results. They all blossom.

Blossom™ started in the gardens of Quest Training Center - Orlando (QTC-O) as a vocational and skills development opportunity for the individuals with developmental disabilities served by Quest, Inc. in order to combine the desire to work outdoors with the benefits of mastering a new area of expertise while generating a paycheck. As our gardens grew, many benefited from our crops including some new arrivals; the bugs living in the surrounding community. At Quest, we believe every living thing deserves respect and tolerance so we looked to the most humane and positive way to use Applied Behavior Analysis (#QuestRocksABA) to redirect the behaviors of our many-legged friends.

The Result:
Our individuals chose to grow herbs as a natural, non-harmful, bug repellent. As with any success, we then realized that we had an overabundance of herbs and not a whole lot to do with them.
The Solution:
The team proposed the idea of creating handmade artisanal soaps, drying the herbs and then incorporating them as some of the ingredients.
The individuals loved the idea and the first Blossom™ soap was produced as gifts for Mother’s Day in 2018. Since that time, the popularity of the soap has grown which allows Blossom™ to continue to grow branches with candles, greeting cards and other home and stationery products while providing meaningful work opportunities for the individuals we serve.

Our Team:

The Mastermind
Kelly C.
Scent Mixologist
Crystal J.
Garden Whisperer
James S.
Garden Whisperer
Seth W.
Tawana L.
Deanna B.
Zariya B.
Tap Talent
Tammy A.
Tap Talent
Mario B.
Tap Talent
Robert S.
Nathan H.
Caliel R.
The Count
Austin M.
The Count
Kristian H.
Postmaster General
Dylan W.